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Facebook adds “Our Story” on Facebook Business Page.

Facebook adds “Our Story” on Facebook Business Page.

“Our Story”, a new marketing feature was added to Facebook Business Page last year. This section is located on the right side of your Facebook Business Page, just below your cover photo.

Image 01 : Our Story section from Facebook Business Page

This section allows Facebook Page Owners to share eye catching photo, plus a glimpse into their business with a description.

There are three requested information to be entered in order to complete this section. Below are requirement to showcase Our Story as beautiful as possible.

  1. Image : The size of the image needs to be 1200 x 445 pixels out of which on 800 x 445 pixels will be displayed on your Facebook Business Page.

    Image 02 : Cover image for Our Story, Facebook Business Page.

  2. Tile : By default this section is named “Our Story”, it can be changed according to your business needs. We recommend a very attractive marketing line. The maximum number of characters allowed is 128.
  3. Your Story : Write a detailed story about your business or copy and paste from your about us section or blog. The first 100 characters are important as it is displayed on your Facebook Business Page.

Step by step guide to creating your Facebook Business Page Story

    1. Click on the blue “+ Tell people about your  business” or “+ Finish your story to tell more people about your business” link to edit your Facebook Business Story. (Refer Image 01)
    2. New popup screen will appear and will prompt you to Add a cover photo. Add a photo that helps tell your story. You can choose one that you’ve already posted to your Page or add something new.
    3. Tap the title to edit it. Choose a tagline or title that represents your business and helps people get to know your story.
    4. Tap write a story and tell people about your business. Now you have a dedicated space to share what’s most important to you. Not sure where to start? You can tell your story, create a list, add favourite photos, feature your team and more.
    5. As you start adding or editing text, you’ll see that you have some basic word processing features like H1, H2, bullets, quote block, HTML editing, and adding an image or link. Click “Save” to keep working on it until you are satisfied to make it public or click “Delete” to erase the current story and if your are happy, then click “Publish”.


Once you’ve published your Facebook Story, you’ll see that the new “Our Story” appears as shown below on your Facebook Business Page.



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